“Every show is a full-on, no holds-barred, in your face, good ol’ fashioned classic rock gig”


Firewild are a creative four-piece all originals rock band from East Anglia that appeal to audiences, young and old, and are starting to pick up a faithful following.


There is a real classic-rock vibe surrounding Firewild. The flavour is deeply melodic hard rock - think Tom Petty, Springsteen, Thunder, The Stones, The Eagles, Bad Company, Black Crowes, Thin Lizzy and U2. These bands, and the songs Firewild like playing, all have a high level of emotion and song writing, evocative of highways, landscapes and wide-open spaces, with a bit of old-school cool and soul.

Though the style is hard-edged and gritty it's also got some sass and strut, tight but loose; there’s light and shade, with a little bit of swing.


With strong, powerful, in-your-face guitar riffs, a driving but laid-back rhythm section alongside soaring and memorable melodies, Firewild are the band you need to see in 2020. They have already enjoyed some radio airplay last year and with a BBC recommendation are looking forward to more coming soon.


With two albums already under their belt and more material being recorded early 2020, why not come and join Firewild for the ride…


Scott Ewings

Guitars / Vocals


Clive Richardson



Chris Perkins



Doug Bell

Bass / Vocals